Diagnose yourself, diagnose your friends and family, it’s free and simple to use!

Analyse how the mind conditions responses to life’s predicaments.

Gain insight into the causes of stresses and traumas, and unearth wonderful healing solutions.

The ‘Personal Therapist‘ is a computer program which is free to download from the link below. It is a unique tool for assisting and positively dealing with personal dilemmas or character traits you or your friends and family wish to overcome. It will also reveal answers to questions about self and why one’s experiences in life move in certain directions. It is a tool that can be used for anyone of any age, even young children, to unravel the mysteries of their mind. In making a personality diagnosis using the Personal Therapist one can start to heal the blocks to fulfilment, joy and inner peace. The beauty of this technique is that the patient chooses their own healing journey by what flowers they choose.

To learn more, click on the following link:
How does it work and what will a diagnosis reveal?

When you are ready, click here to download the software. Once the file has downloaded (it may take a few minutes to download, depending upon your connection speed), extract the files onto your Desktop, My Documents or somewhere else convenient on your computer.

Next open the folder ‘Personal Therapist’ and then double click on the file ‘Flower_Affinity_Personal_Therapist.exe’.


The program will then launch.

Follow the onscreen instructions and you will then be presented with your results, and an opportunity to order a remedy tailored to your present situation. Enjoy!

**Please note, sorry but at this time this software isn’t Mac compatible. You need a Windows compatible computer to run this software. Also, at the moment the internet ordering facility is not working so you will have to manually take note of the flowers you have chosen and send the details of your order through to us by email – [email protected].

Click here to begin download the current version of the Personal Therapist (updated 24th October 2007) – For previous users of this software we highly recommend updating to this version as it now links in much more efficiently with the order process.