How does it work?

There are two ways the brain or mind accesses information.

Working through the left hemisphere one will seek written or verbal communication of symptoms. The consciousness with its limited understanding analyses the problem. The disadvantage of this process is that the subconscious and unconscious causes of the problem are often not apparent to the practitioner or the person seeking healing.

Working through the right hemisphere, one subconsciously responds to imagery that evokes feelings and emotional/mental reactions. It bypasses the conscious mind, meaning one is often not aware of what has exactly taken place, but is aware that some reaction within one’s mind and feelings has transpired.

The emotional/mental response to this perceived imagery can be analysed giving an insightful understanding to the workings of a person’s subconscious and unconscious.

People respond to the imagery of flowers in different ways. Some will feel a strong like for a specific flower while others a strong dislike or feeling of indifference. Research has shown that these reactions are caused by a person’s subconscious interaction with the healing properties of the flowers.

The unique colour and shape of a flower is a healing mandala or symbol, created by nature that can evoke a powerful subconscious response. This response shows an affinity for a flower’s healing properties.

The Three Basic Responses to a Flower:

  1. A liking for the flower. This generates a positive attraction, which feels uplifting and encouraging.
  2. An indifference to the flower. This is a neutral response that has little impact on our psyche.
  3. A dislike for the flower. This generates a negative response that is uncomfortable or irritating.

The positive attraction shows we desire the healing or positive qualities the flower radiates, it indicates a positive state of mind we wish to attain.

  1. It can indicate a desire for the positive healing qualities of a flower to overcome negative character traits within ourselves. Taking the flower essence will help to overcome the negative character trait.
  2. It can indicate qualities within a person who you care for, who has an issue or problem in their life with which you feel unable to help them with. Taking the flower essence gives insight on how to positively handle or heal the person with the problem issue.
  3. It can indicate that we wish to further improve or desire perfection of those positive qualities within ourselves. Taking the flower essence will help one to achieve this.

The neutral response shows that the issues which this flower represents do not resonate with us, so it is not needed. Although pleasant, the flower is not strongly interacting with our state of mind.

The negative response shows that we are uncomfortable with the healing or positive qualities the flower radiates.

  1. It can indicate a negative character trait within you which you don’t like to acknowledge even to yourself. Taking the flower essence will reveal this trait and enable one to overcome it
  2. It can indicate difficulty in dealing with a person, or people, in our environment who display negative character traits that the flower heals. The dislike of the flower often indicates that the seed shadow of that person’s negative character traits, lies within ourselves. Taking the flower essence will give the understanding of how to positively handle or heal the person displaying the negative character trait. At the same time it will also teach us how to handle and heal any of these seed shadows within ourselves.
  3. It can indicate a dislike for the positive healing qualities the flower embodies. For example someone may believe being vulnerable and sweet is weak and stupid. People with this attitude are normally insensitive to the feelings of others. So a flower that heals insensitivity could evoke a strong feeling of dislike. Taking the flower essence opens the heart to the value of being sensitive and vulnerable without compromising our strength when we need to be tough.

What will the diagnosis reveal?

Each flower has specific healing characteristics. The choice of flower images will reveal the inner causes to the life dilemmas one wishes to address and offer a healing solution. This can range from very basic issues to the more complex.

Say you were a person who often gets uptight when things don’t go the way you want them too. For example you became stressed because you had invited people you wanted to impress for dinner, only to find one hour before they arrive that nothing is going right. The food has burnt, the house is a mess, your teenage kids are having a big fight, your partners late home and the more uptight you get the worse the situation becomes.

If the flower you liked after reflecting on such situations was Dampiera then the indicators would be that you needed to have a more carefree acceptance of the things that go wrong, and make the best of a bad situation. The flower essence Dampiera heals in this way.