Accident Relief Cream


5.00 out of 5

Yang Body Chi –

Energising, Invigorating, Reviving Chi

This lotion is designed to help with circulation and body tone while generating feelings of vitality, strength as well as nourishing the skin with Yang Chi.

Yang After Accident-Chi Cream

A body cream designed to relieve and calm after accidents.

Apply to affected areas.

Available in 125ml, 240ml or 1000ml.

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Accident Relief Cream (formerly called Microvita Pain Cream) is like a first-aid kit in a bottle for vitalising and soothing soft tissue distress.

It was used on live television (Ray Martin Midday Show) to treat the studio audience for pain with excellent results.  Click here to view this youtube video.

It is like a genie in a bottle to be let out in times when accidents occur causing soft tissue discomfort.

The mist is a great variant of this product which can be conveniently applied to specific areas of the body needing relief.

(Body Sports and the Accident Cream are based on a similar combination of flower essences for a vitalising and soothing effect, but Body Sports is formulated as a lotion for all-over application, whereas the Accident Cream is recommended for specific trouble spots.)


125ml Lotion, 240ml Lotion, 1000ml Lotion, 125ml Mist

2 reviews for Accident Relief Cream

  1. Lee-Anne
    5 out of 5


    A phenomenal product. I have osteoarthritis and regularly get ‘Restless Legs’ and lower leg cramps at night. By massaging Accident Relief Cream into my legs, I get an almost instant relief of pain, cramping as my muscles relax. The discomfit melts away and I sleep easily. I’m incredibly grateful for this product. It’s been a life saver form me.

  2. admin


    “The creams are so fabulous. My late father used them religiously. He was extremely ill for the last year of his life and suffered A LOT of falls and then finally became bedbound. He lost the capacity to speak which for an Irishman was hell for him and so traumatic for us.

    I used to pick up the cream in the hospital and then in the nursing home and ask him if he wanted me to put some cream on the latest bump, bruise or just ongoing sore bits and every single time his face would totally light up ( and life was grim for him) and I would put some on and he would completely change in energy and attitude. It really and truly was amazing. You could literally see and feel his face and body relax in a matter of minutes. It was so incredible to see and experience and I can promise you it was every single time with every application. It was such a huge blessing for me to be able to provide him with that care and physical relief from the pain that he suffered every day.

    You could clearly see the emotional and mental shift too. We were so grateful to have that cream. What a gift it was.

    When he was well he used to use them and recommend them to anyone that would listen to him and he got his parish priest on them as he suffered from arthritis and painful knees. All good Catholics risk painful knees later in life with all that genuflecting and kneeling in prayer and the priest was so grateful as they really helped. He used the accident relief cream and loved the benefit with requests for repeat orders.

    My dad would have written you the most glowing testimonial if he had been well enough. He loved those creams and so did we!

    Please could you pass this on to Vasu and Kadambii and all the other staff. You are most welcome to use it as a testimonial as I would love others to benefit as my dad did.”

    Submitted August 2016 via email by Claire Dixon

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