Flower Finder App with Targeted Meditation

Let your unconscious mind guide your healing journey with our Flower Card Reader. It’s free, easy and allows you to work at a deeper level with the flowers.

Start Your Journey

How it works

  • Get in-touch with the issue or situation you would like to target.
  • Be guided through the flower card reading process that assists in picking the flowers that best match your healing pathway, using your own subconscious mind.
  • Dive into the 6-minute guided meditation using your selected flowers.
  • Have a custom made blend of your selected essences sent out to support your healing pathway and internal goals.
  • Delve deeper on the journey with the flowers by continuing your meditation while being supported by your custom blend of essences.

Already selected your flowers?

At the end of the flower diagnosis process you can have your selected flowers and meditation details sent to you. This makes practicing your flower meditations easy. Simply start the process again if you would like to experience the healing properties of other flowers.

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